New Polígono en Villanueva de la Torre

Apr 3, 2023 | Real Estate and Services

Presented Proyecto de Polígono Logístico at Villanueva de la Torre with a Potential of 3,000 Jobs

El 30 March, in the town hall of Villanueva de la Torre, was presented on project for a 340,000 square metre logistics estate which has attracted the interest of several operators; In attendance were the mayoress Sonsoles Rico, the delegate of the Junta, Eusebio Robles, the owner of the land, Dámaso de Soto, and representatives of the Grupo Meifus, including its CEO, Isaac Alvarez García.

Thanks to the collaboration of public administrations, the polygon is expected to become a reality soon. In addition, Meifus Inbest S.L. will process another sector, I-1, adding a further 300,000 square metres, totalling around 640,000 square metres in total; Estimated impact of approximately 3,000 jobs in the region.

The Meifus Group is in the process ofother developments, such as the Noblejas PTL and an important project in Ocaña. Its choice of locations is due to the demand, the agility in processing and the support of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha and the mayoress of Villanueva de la Torre;

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