R. Andrade

R. Andrade is the oldest Meifus GLOBAL SYNERGIES company; Its origin dates back to 1940 when it was created as a warehouse dedicated to the commercialisation of metals; Over time it began to market all kinds of products demanded by industry in the region with the intention of providing comprehensive solutions for the supply of industrial products;

Today, Andrade has adapted to the market to offer solutions to all types of customers regardless of their size and to meet their product stock demands;

To this end, it guarantees total availability and immediate delivery of the products required by the customer, whatever the volume and size of the order, a functionality in which it is a pioneer in the industrial sector, and which causes a great acceptance among the different agents that make it up, surpassing the geographical limits of the region;

A process of technical and financial renewal, which positions it as a company capable of adapting and responding to the needs of today’s market;

  • +75 years of experience;
  • New online shop with the possibility of selling products cut to size;