Meifus Group


Meifus Global Synergies is a group of companies with international projection, covering different sectors: industrial, furniture, machinery and services, to provide comprehensive solutions to its customers.

The holding company that Meifus represents is the result of continuous entrepreneurial initiative and successive mergers, acquisitions and strategic planning to achieve maximum profitability for the business group;



Our successful business trajectory is based on taking advantage of the market opportunities that we have projected since our beginnings;

At Meifus we have been able to take advantage of human talent, integrating the best professionals in our companies, which has allowed us to optimise our synergies;

Market leaders


Every crisis presents opportunities, and in our case, this one allowed us to strengthen our activities in the Spanish market, both at business and real estate level; Meifus currently has leading companies in the market that act as agents of reference in the national and international market;



Thanks to all these actions, the group has managed to internationalise, taking advantage of the benefits offered by other foreign markets during the economic downturn in the European economies;

Group offer


Proof of the synergies established by the group are the constantly expanding companies that act as sector leaders in emerging markets;

Today, Meifus offers the market a wide variety of companies that cover the industrial, real estate, machinery and services sectors, providing a clear differential value to the market thanks to its commitment to innovation and its determination to provide comprehensive solutions that facilitate the business activity of its customers;

In addition to Spain and Portugal, Meifus currently operates in Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.

Mission and visión


Meifus was created as a union of companies in response to the growing need to provide comprehensive solutions to its customers in an increasingly globalised world;

Meifus is committed to innovation and sustainability; At our holding company, we are very conscious of the fact that each of our actions has an impact on society and the environment;

This is why we implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices in each of the areas in which we operate, with the intention of ensuring the sustainable development and well-being of the communities in which we work as a way of promoting a sustainable future capable of sustaining generations to come;



At Meifus we focus on three fundamental pillars of CSR:


We work constantly to minimise our carbon footprint by using efficient technologies that guarantee energy efficiency in the processes we carry out in our facilities. In this way, we strive to reduce Co2 emissions and responsibly manage the resources generated;


We prioritise the well-being of our workers; We strive to provide fair working conditions and take care of the workplaces to ensure the safety of our employees; We also encourage diversity, inclusion and continuous training, facilitating the personal and professional growth of our employees;

Corporate governance

Our organisation is governed by strong ethical and transparency principles that guide all our operations; At Meifus we comply with applicable regulations and promote a culture of integrity that permeates all our actions and decisions;

Shall we walk together?

Isaac Álvarez

CEO of Meifus Global Synergies;


Isaac Ávarez García stands out for his optimistic spirit and entrepreneurial nature; Born in Vigo, she graduated in Economic Law and specialised in executive and international management in different Masters at IE (Instituto de Empresa);

His beginnings as a tax advisor in his father’s consultancy firm provided him with a solid foundation for his professional career, which he started very early on in large companies, where he trained as a manager and learned the keys to the development of solvent businesses;

He defines himself as a maverick and a great “business profiteer”; His innate curiosity soon led him to found his own business in the machinery sector, one of the cornerstones of what is now the Meifus Group;

An activity that soon brought profits and served to diversify the group’s business function both sectorally and geographically;

It is this experience that made her the forerunner of its business growth even during times of crisis, focusing the group’s decisions and influencing the strategic direction of its various business divisions;