Meifus InBest

Meifus INBEST is a subsidiary of MEIFUS GLOBAL HOLDING and its activity is buying, selling and renting of all types of real estate assets, which provides solutions to the real estate sector where other agents do not reach.

Although in its beginnings the focus was on the purchase and sale and rental of industrial warehouses, it is currently immersed in multiple real estate projects of various kindsfrom residential developments in Galicia to the development of complete industrial areas, both in Galicia and in the Madrid area, or more recently, commercial space for rent.

The real estate division has experienced very strong growth in recent years, always focused on the domestic market, although it does not rule out continuing to expand in the near future into other countries where the Group has a presence.

Among the heritage projects (warehouses for rent), the following stand out:

Logistics: Amazon, DHL Express, CTT Express, Frans Bonhomme, etc.

Retail: Hypermarkets Carrefour, Merkal, Pepco, Ikea, etc.

Urban development projects include:

Residential: Ámbito Hernan Cortés in Vigo (8.000m2 edif), Polígono 3 in Bouzas (9.000m2 edif), Polígono 5 in Bouzas (4.500m2 edif), etc.

– Other Logistics: Polígono Alma Henares en Meco (2,5M m2), Proyecto Ocaña Norte (1,7M m2), Proyecto Villanueva De la Torre 1 y 2 (800.000m2), PTL de Noblejas (375.000m2), etc.

Among the projects of property development stand out:

– Building in Tomas Paredes (Bouzas-Vigo)

– Building inCalle Paz (Vigo)

– Building inCalle Montero Ríos (Bueu)

– Townhouses in Playa America (Nigrán)




  • Purchase, sale and rental of industrial buildings.
  • Real estate projects for individuals;