Meifus Industrial

Meifus Industrial is a subsidiary company of Meifus GLOBAL SYNERGIES, dedicated to provide a technical solution to problems related to the manufacture and maintenance of devices and machinery for qualified professionals in the industrial machinery sector;

Meifus Industrial covers the design and construction of industrial buildings from their initial conception to their start-up, taking care of the maintenance of the spaces, as well as the machinery and the possible technical and mechanical problems that may arise, guaranteeing optimum customer service in less than two hours.

This enables it to carry out analysis and consultancy work on process improvement, energy saving and new technologies;

Meifus Industrial also offers a comprehensive control service so that both the client and the company can access all the information and status of the audited machinery in real time via the web;

  • Programming of automatons, robots, communication interfaces, etc.
  • Attention 24h.
  • Online access to the status of the audited machinery;