Meifus Inbest Finances the Sustainable Tourism Project of SuitesNature

Sep 15, 2022 | Real Estate and Services

The operation led byMeifus Inbest supports SuitesNature, Galician company, in its aim of strengthening the natural, sustainable and high quality tourist accommodations. The funds are mainly earmarked for the realisation of a sustainable and technological tourist complex on the Camino de Santiago in Pontevedra.

Jorge Martinez, CEO of SuitesNature, expressed his gratitude and stressed that the investment will boost the new business model focused on more sustainable tourism. He stressed the urgency of environmental sustainability, especially in the wake of the growing post-pandemic demand for outdoor accommodation; SuitesNature, founded a year ago, is projected after winning in 2021 the first prize in the tourism accelerator of the Xunta de Galicia TURISLAB.

The new model is based on architectural innovation, sustainability, technology and experiential integration. The complex in Pontevedra is intended to be a reference for future developments in Galicia and Spain;

The complex in Pontevedra will include nature cabins, a sustainable 4-star hotel, an eco-restaurant, organic greenhouse and personalised experience zones. Martínez revealed that they are in the process of obtaining licences and permits to start the works soon; In addition, they aspire to obtain Breeam certification, guaranteeing the sustainability of the project, which in turn will generate employment and promote Galician culture and heritage;


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