Elevaciones Rama - Árbol de Navidad Vigo


This evening at 19:00, the official Christmas lights switch-on will be celebrated, crowned in the Puerta del Sol by a giant 88 feet Christmas Tree with more than 96.000 led microlamps.
For the construction of such a huge structure, the Council counted on the assistance of Elevaciones Rama and its flagship, the enormous Genie™ articulating Boom-lift with a height of 43 metres.
It is always pleasant to check that the public sector is still choosing Elevaciones Rama as its supplier of height solutions.
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HDW Nederland - Elevaciones Rama Plataformas Elevadoras


The Dutch machinery giant HDW becomes officially today in the main boom lifts supplier of Elevaciones Rama. With the signing of a new contract that overtakes, initially, the 5 million euros, it positions as the first dealer of the company in the short term.

This first great contract since the incorporation of the firm to Meifus Corp is proof of the change that both the company and the sector are suffering. The gradual renovation that the machinery fleet is being subjected to contributes to the modernizing of the company image, not only because of the assets updating, but because of the quality leap done through the replacement of the old machinery in favor of one of the most globally remarkable brands, Genie Lifts.

In not a so noted way, there have already been incorporated numerous truck-mounted platforms, forklift trucks, etc. that are allowing Rama to ratify its position as the leading brand in the Galician market of elevation.



Our most historic company, R. Andrade, bursts into the Internet with the launching of its brand-new online store. With products that go from all-kind metals (irons, steels, tins, aluminum, etc.) to screws and die-stamping, going through plastics, foams, etc. it presents itself as one of the most varied choices in the online outlook of the sector.

In addition, it incorporates a pioneering element that allows the maximum adaptation to the customer’s needs allowing, from the proper online platform, the customization of each piece with self-made cuts, being able to define lengths, diameters, etc. within any of the numerous product families.

This landmark joins the rest of the changes the company R. Andrade has been subjected to, since its incorporation to Meifus Corp, such as the location change, the new incorporations in human and product terms, the image renovation or the financial sanitation.



We would not like to start this section without introducing ourselves as the business group Meifus Corp has become. Even though you can find out more information in our web page, we offer here a brief presentation as a group.

Having started as a small individual company, Meifus as we currently know it results of the grouping of a reduced number of enterprises that were only dedicated to heavy machinery buying and selling and to real estate promotion. Few years after, from Isaac Álvarez’s direction, the existing companies have been gradually developing until the definitive takeoff happens, what brought an exponential growth of the group.

The opening to international markets have resulted a key point in the process, with its first subsidiaries in Panama and Angola, that allowed the financial sanitation of the holding.

This way has been setting up the Meifus we know today, composed of an important number of companies that collaborate, many of them, synergically for an optimum exploitation of each business; result both of new companies foundations and successive processes of mergers and acquisitions.